Wrapsio Cat Cape Faux Fur Silver Fox


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We say ‘NO’ to cat muzzles and scruffing! We say ‘YES’ to Wrapsio swaddling blankets!
Sometimes we just have to gently restrain our cats for necessary care and medical treatment.
Wrapsio’s are humane, safe and why shouldn’t they be just as BEAUTIFUL AS OUR CATS?
This large square Wrapsio is shaped like a cape with a neckline and open front. Placed gently across your cat’s neck and back, the excess fabric can then be draped back over your cat’s shoulders with its limbs (paws and claws!) tucked safely underneath. Alternatively, drape under your your cat’s chin and upwards – like a bib!

Made out of super soft faux fur in Silver Fox colour, Wrapsios may be used as your cat’s everyday bedding creating an association of familiarity and calm.

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm



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