Medicate, treat or groom your cat safely in a calming swaddling blanket

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Use Wrapsio to safely swaddle your pet whilst medicine and treatment is given. With one side as fluffy faux fur, use as your cats everyday bedding. The other side is certified protection from paws and claws with our scratch resistant Pro-Tex fabric.

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Humane handling of your cat

Developed and approved by veterinary professionals, Wrapsio makes medicating or treating your cat safe and stress-free. Made with a combination of super-soft fabric and certified Pro-Tex, this swaddling blanket offers outstanding levels of cut, abrasion, tear and puncture resistance.

 Used by vets, groomers, catteries, and other pet care professionals, the Wrapsio is gently wrapped around the cat like a burrito (Purrito!). This technique comforts the cat and prevents paws and claws from scratching. Now you can have one in your own home!

Certified protection from scratchy paws and claws.

It makes giving treatments like nail trims and grooming so much easier.

Great for cats that need regular medications.

Safely bundle your cat whilst medicines are being gently administered.

Ensures that you’re both safe and happy.

Certified protection with outstanding levels of cut, abrasion, and puncture resistance.

Coming soon…

Smaller but just as helpful, we’ve created the Wrapsio Capelet. A baby cape!

With a half circle neckline and shape, this version is all you will need to calm kittens and smaller framed cats like Burmese and Singapura. Simply drape over the neck and shoulders and wrap the rest of the Wrapsio around their body. Alternatively, the capelet can be placed under your cat’s chin (like a bib!) and held together at the shoulders. This technique keeps the paws and claws gently controlled.

With our certified Pro-Tex on one side and the choice of leopard print or silver fox faux fur on the other, you still get all the incredible protection you need whilst the Wrapsio capelet is still big enough to make a comfortable blankie for your cat.

Cat in Wrapsio at home

We’ve Got You Covered


Unique Pro-Tex fabric is incorporated into our Wrapsio, giving outstanding protection.


Used by correctional officers and police at risk from knife and slash attacks, it's the ideal material to prevent injury.


Feel confident and safe while your cat remains cozy and calm.