Wrapsio Capelet – Faux Fur Silver Fox


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Smaller but just as helpful, we’ve created the Wrapsio Capelet. A baby cape!

Limited stock but more on its way.

With a half-circle neckline and shape, this version is all you will need to calm kittens and smaller framed cats like Burmese and Singapura.

Simply drape over the neck and shoulders and wrap the rest of the Wrapsio around their body. Alternatively, the capelet can be placed under your cat’s chin (like a bib!) and held together at the shoulders. This technique keeps the paws and claws gently controlled.

With our certified Pro-Tex on one side and silver fox faux fur on the other, you still get all the incredible protection you need.

And your Wrapsio capelet is still big enough to make a comfortable blankie for your cat for everyday use. This is a great way to build up a positive association around the Wrapsio, so your cat sees it as a nice thing where nice things happen!

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Leopard, Silver Fox


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