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What is a Wrapsio?

We know it’s essential to treat cats (and other small animals) with care and respect. How can we do that when we medicate a cat?

Years ago, we may have thought a ‘just get it done’ approach was the way to do it. Scruffing, pinning down with gardening gloves, or stuffing medications into our pets are hopefully methods that no longer take place!

Instead, now we can use fear-free techniques to medicate a cat. We’ve 5 top tips for you here.

The use of light pressure on animals’ bodies has shown a reduction in anxiety and promotes relaxation. Using a Wrapsio as a swaddle can replicate this, decreasing worry and wriggling.

This allows us to give tablets, eye and ear drops, and other essential treatments like nail trims or grooming – calmly and safely.

What is Pro-Tex?

Protective fabrics have improved a lot in recent years.

Pro-Tex is one of them. A new, high-performance material, it offers outstanding levels of cut, tear, puncture, and ripping resistance.

Initially only used for police and prison officers’ uniforms, we have an exclusive agreement to use Pro-Tex in our Wrapsio Wraps.

Our manufacturer (MDC) has worked with leading animal welfare experts to develop the Wrapsio range.

Veterinarians, nurses, and groomers have been using (and loving) Wrapsios since 2018.  You can read what they think here.

Wrapsio Wraps are now available for all pet owners to use safely in their own homes.

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Reptile,Bird and Rabbit Wrapsios

Not just for cats!

In an ideal world, animals would understand that we have to carry out certain treatments to care for them responsibly.

Unfortunately, there will be times when some form of restraint is needed. You can read more about that here.

In the past, people have used towels or blankets to keep claws, paws, and teeth under control. But these are designed for entirely different purposes and offer little or no protection.

Wrapsio has been made explicitly for gentle holding. With soft and comfy fabric on one side and a protective Pro-Tex, you can swaddle your pet.

Due to requests, Wrapsio Wraps are also available in different shapes, sizes, and colours to meet the needs of different pets.

Check out the Wrapsios for reptiles, birds, and rabbits.


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It’s not just cats that can benefit from a Wrapsio. Use Wrapsio to safely swaddle your pet whilst medicine and treatment is given.