Reptile Wrap™

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Our Reptile Wrapsio is designed to help you to gently swaddle your reptile in order to examine, give medications or trim nails.

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The Reptile Wrapsio is made with super-soft fleece in a reptile calming green colour, backed with our tested and certified Pro-Tex fabric offering outstanding levels of cut, abrasion, tear and puncture resistance.

The Wrapsio can be introduced to your reptile allowing it to use the Wrap as a “hiding place” giving it a feeling of security. For treatments, gently roll the Wrapsio around your reptile, tucking in any excess fabric whilst gently scooping them up. Hold them very close to your body. The Wrapsio will prevent them from wriggling or injuring themselves or others.

For trips to the vets, or other outings, cover your carrier with the Wrapsio to help reduce stress. Wrapsios are very durable but for a longer lifespan, we recommend machine washing at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, no bleaching, no fabric conditioner or ironing, and avoiding tumble dry.

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