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A gentle alternative to other restraining techniques, the Wrapsio Cat Wrap is designed to help you to gently restrain and calm your cat in order to give tablets, ear or eye drops, trim nails or groom. We call it a Purrito!

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Cats will attempt to flee from anything unusual. It's an automatic fight or flight response. This can make holding your cat for medication difficult ... until now!

The solution is our vet recommended Wrapsio Cat Wrap. Used every day as cozy bedding, your cat will feel relaxed and calm napping on this magical swaddling blanket.

Simply wrapping it around your cat and tucking in their paws and claws, this technique has been proven to reduce anxiety. Vets and other cat care professionals widely use this method and call it - Purrito!

Safe in the knowledge that the integrated Pro-Tex fabric has outstanding levels of protection, you can administer ear and eye drops, tablets, and other treatments.

Want to find out more about cat wrapping and giving medications? Please watch our short video with our gorgeous cat model Oliver who just loves being wrapped or learn some tricks in our Blog.

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13 reviews for Cat Wrap™

  1. Polly Keene

    Really helpful, simple and easy to use. Claws don’t get snagged compared to when using a towel so won’t look back!

    Thick and comfy for cat and handler. Fantastic

  2. Rosie SVN

    The cat wrap is amazing to use within practice, it saves so much time when trying to restrain a cat. Very useful when take blood samples, placing IV catheters, clipping claws etc.. it keeps the cat safe also the Handler safe from getting scratched! Great product

  3. Debbie Hoskins

    Amazing idea! I absolutely love my Wrapsio and use it every time I need to give my cat any medication. It makes the whole thing so much easier. I just scoop my cat up in the Wrapsio like a big shawl with her feet included and my son does her ear drops. She doesn’t even wriggle and doesn’t seem that cross. It just takes seconds where before it was such a hassle. Well worth the money.

  4. Katie Harte

    Great product for keeping cats calm & helping them feel safe during examinations. Very helpful for restraining cats for blood sampling and other minor procedures. Also helps protect handler from nails 🙂

  5. Megan Louise

    As a veterinary nurse whom uses this product regularly in practice, I find it much easier to restrain cats, it prevents them hurting themselves or us!

  6. Mya

    Excellent product! Multiple uses especially good for restraining cats for blood samples etc.

  7. Adina V

    I love gentle handling techniques for animals in the veterinary practice, simple but very effective low stress handling!

  8. jodie

    Very helpful in practice, much better for cats who are stressed and scared. Also good if needed to restrain in front of owners as they can see their cat is not being hurt during restraining.

  9. Victoria Elizabeth

    Vet nurse but I used this at home with my naughty bengal kitty. He hates being restrained in a towel but I need his paws away to give medication to save my hands from scratches! This purrito cat wrap was great seems better than a towel. Also good size for big bengal.

  10. Kirsty

    Amazing! Helps provide a stress-free handling for cats.

  11. Rebecca Kirkpatrick

    Brilliant product – as a veterinary nurse who has used this product in practice I find it much easier and less stressful to retrain cats. Great for exams, nail clips etc

  12. Heidi Anderton (Professional Pet Groomer)

    Better than a thick towel! The Wrapsio is easy to use and puts the cat and holders at ease for a less stressful groom, well done on this great product.

  13. Nicola (Animal Fosterer)

    I was lucky enough to win a Wrapsio via a CatChat competition and it’s already had so much use with my foster kittens. Giving oral medications has been so much quicker and easier (particularly when administering solo), and it’s saved my hands from so many scratches, particularly whilst giving a week-long course of antibiotics recently! Not a single needle-like kitten claw has made it through the fabric, so lots better than the usual towels and blankets, and plenty big enough even to accommodate large cats like my own. Hoping to try with my foster rabbits soon, fingers crossed it works just as well for them!

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